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Why is HSC Different than other Clubs?

04/19/2017, 8:30am EDT
By T.Woody

Hillsborough Soccer Club, (HSC) is committed to providing an opportunity for youth to participate and develop to their potential in a high quality and competitive soccer program that allows individual goals to be achieved. HSC will provide skills training and development as well organized games, competitions and other events to promote youth soccer and to allow for the development of the sport.
One Team, One Club, One Community
Hillsborough Soccer Club has conformed to the 2016 US Soccer mandates in that HSC teams are formed by birth year. Even though this transition took immense effort, HSC believes that the changes that have been made are beneficial and will allow the club to thrive. 
Hillsborough Soccer Club is a little different than some other club’s in New Jersey. HSC believes in a One Team, One Club, One Community approach. HSC teams do not have club dividing or autonomous team names, i.e. Cobras, Stingers, Wasps, etc. Instead All HSC teams are named the “Raiders” and specifically referenced in the following way: HSC, Year of Birth, Gender, Raiders, Team Color (an example: HSC 2005 Boys Red Raiders). The club has designated the team names in this way to reflect the club’s One Team, One Club, One Community approach. The club wants to avoid parents and players feeling separated or negatively designated by team names. Instead HSC wants to create a culture where all members feel they are equal parts of the same team. 
One Team, One Club, One Community
The One Team, One Club, One Community approach applies not only to the club as a whole but also to the training of teams in the same or similar age groups. The club designs the training schedule to be incorporating and inclusive. The club wants to create opportunities for HSC players to play and interact with other HSC players that are in different training groups or age groups. 
An example of this practice would be having two teams of the same age group (Example: 08 Red and 08 Gold) or similar abilities (Example: 05 Red and 06 Red) to practice at the same time of day. This creates chances for different teams to interact, play, and grow together. With the nature of youth soccer, there is a great possibility
that our players will one day play with each other on the same team, even though they may be on different teams at the moment. 
HSC also provides ancillary activities outside of formal practices to allow players to interact. These events include skills training, community sessions, goalkeeping sessions, visits to New York Red Bulls’ games, and Red Bulls Academy visits. 
HSC wants their parents and players to realize that every player in the club is on the same team even if they do not play together in practices or on weekends. Every team in every age group and playing level is part of one team and one club, HSC. 
Hillsborough Soccer Club Fall 2016 Community Play Outreach. This six-week program allowed players from the Hillsborough community to play and receive skill training from HSC’s Red Bulls Trainers. 

Rebranding Efforts to Reflect Who We Are 
In 2016 HSC underwent a rebranding effort. The rebranding effort was designed to further unify and strengthen the club and the club’s relationship with the community. 
Hillsborough NJ is located in beautiful Somerset County. The Somerset County area and specifically the town of Hillsborough have a proud sport and soccer history. Several of the area schools have won county and state recognition and titles. 
Where did the “Raiders” name come from? Along with having a rich soccer history, Hillsborough has a rich cultural history. In the 1700’s farmers in Hillsborough would sell their products to the occupying British forces. The farmers would then use their long rifles to “raid” the troops and steal back the products they had previously sold. Hillsborough’s colonial raiders had a significant impact in the Revolutionary war. 
In the 20th century the “Raiders” mascot was adopted by Hillsborough High School and has since become synonymous with township of Hillsborough’s athletics. 
The 2016 Hillsborough rebranding’s primary purpose was to unify the club while also looking to bring the club closer to the community. HSC wanted to pay tribute to the history and culture of Hillsborough. The “Raiders” Moniker was integrated into the Hillsborough Soccer Club teams to represent the connection the club has with the community. 
Uniform Changes:
Hillsborough Soccer club changed its Red and Black colors to the traditional city colors of Hillsborough NJ, Garnett and Gold.  

The club changed its Red and Black colors to the traditional city colors of Hillsborough NJ, Garnett and Gold. 
The club changed its badge to reflect the club’s sense of identity. The old badge contained the clubs old colors, was generic, and simply did not reflect the culture of the area. The new badge reflects the community of the township as well as demonstrates the link between HSC and the town. The new 2016 badge incorporates elements from the community; the Hillsborough High School “H”, “Boro Pride” slogan, and Revolutionary Raider are all present on the new badge. 
HSC has also adopted the Red Bulls Youth Partner patch that is worn on the jersey sleeve of every HSC player. The purpose of this patch is to demonstrate Red Bulls dedication to Hillsborough Soccer Club while also demonstrating that Hillsborough Soccer Club is part of a proven player development pathway of the Professional MLS Soccer Team the New York Red Bulls.

Hillsborough Soccer Club is very proud to be part of the Hillsborough Community. HSC believes that the changes that have been made have already sustained and increased HSC’s ability to provide opportunity for youth to participate and develop to their potential in a high quality and competitive soccer program that allows individual goals to be achieved.
The Pathway With An Approach to Player Development
Hillsborough Soccer Club is a valued training programs partner and member of the Red Bull’s player development pathway. New York Red Bulls Training Program provides HSC’s soccer training. HSC’s Red Bulls trainers teach the Red Bull’s curriculum that instills in players the necessary skills they need to reach their highest level. HSC’s development pathway is integrated into the Red Bulls Developmental Pathway. HSC is part of the sixth tier in the Red Bulls player development pathway. Please see below how HSC’s curriculum is designed to develop players.

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