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Work Bond Volunteer Program

Work Bond Volunteer Opportunities

Work Bonds - There is a mandatory $100 per family for all Full Year Travel Players, $50 Spring Only Travel Players. Refunded at the end of the season in June, after 4 hours per Fall/Spring year are completed for Full year and 2 hours Spring only.  Board members and coaches satisfy the hourly requirement.   Separate check for Work Bond Fees will be collected with paperwork prior to anyone receiving a player card.

Click on Work Bond Tasks to sign up. You may sign up for more than one task, have a spouse or yourself complete the task. It's really that simple. Keep checking the board to see more tasks listed as they become available. If you don't sign up on the Signupgenius Website, you don't receive credit.

Once you complete your Work Bond Tasks of 4 hours per year Full Year Players or 2 hours for Spring Only Parent, email your Team Work Bond Parent to let them keep track of the completion. If you choose not to complete any hours then your $100 or $50 will go to the club at the end of the year.  You can choose not to help the club and forfeit the $100. It's up to you.
Non-Board Positions, those listed here only, will satisfy the 4 hour requirement: Event Planner, Fundraising Coordinator, Banquet Coordinators, Team Game Schedulers.  
SAGE reps satisfy 2 hours by registering on sigupgenius and attending one SAGE meeting. Team Registrar will receive 2 hours credit by registering on Signupgenius. Work Bond Team Parent will receive 3 hours credit by registering on Signupgenius.
We need all of you to help our volunteer organization run smoothly within our community. All jobs listed on signupgenius qualify for Work Bond hours to the Club. The program is intended to have more parent volunteers assisting the club, not only assisting with the teams.
Thank you all for participating to help our club! We've been around over 30 years and would like to keep going.
Contact the club Treasurer, Linda Groff, with any Work Bond questions:

Points to Clarify the Program:

  • The program is designed to have parents assisting the Club as a whole, not just individual teams.

  • If a coach asks for your assistance before a game, getting Work Bond Credit should not be the first question you ask.  As a parent of a player on the team, help out. You won’t get credit for any task unless it’s available for sign up on

  • You need to pick enough tasks that add up to 4 hours of time.  Trash pickup is in 1/2 hour time slots.  Therefore you need to select 4 time slots. 

  • If there is a significant amount of garbage on a field, snap a photo on your smart phone and email it to so we can make sure the proper people are notified about the mess. 

  • Bring your own garbage bag for trash pickup and place in the proper garbage receptacle if its available. You are helping to beautify our fields and continue to allow to use them.

  • There will be new opportunities added so keep an eye on signupgenius. Some are even really fun like the banquet.

  • Checks will be distributed at the end of the season in June for those families that completed their hours.  ​

  • Be Honest

  • Keep in Mind Everyone Running This Club For Our Children to Play Soccer Is A Non Paid VOLUNTEER

  • We appreciate all your assistance no matter how big or small!