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For Coaches / Managers


"A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are. "(Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame football coach)

"Coaches build teams, parents build players." (Charles Smyth)

"The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for the common goal. " (Dave DeBusschere)


In the event of an injury, provide the proper medical attention.  Coaches and parent, fill out the HSC Accident Report found on the Forms section and return to the Coaching Director immediately.
Refer parents to the NJYouth Soccer club link if they would like to submit a claim after their primary insurance has been submitted.
The board must be notified of any serious injuries within 24 hours of the incident.  The forms and links are also available on the club website under Forms section.

Fall 2017 Training Schedule and Trainer Assignments

Want to Become an HSC Parent Coach?

Follow the Steps to Becoming a Coach:

1. Apply online to become a coach

2. Be approved by the Coaching Director and Board Members (Wait for approval before registering for courses below)

3. Obtain your F license or higher. Courses listed here

4. Complete the fingerprint/background check process listed below on page.
5. Complete paperwork specific to your team's league. MNJYSA or MAPS and USClub
6. Complete one of the two required  Concussion Courses  and print the certificate. You will need to hand it in with your coaching paperwork to the registrar, and have a copy with you on hand at all games.
7. Complete all additional Forms listed under Forms tab for Coaches. All forms get submitted to our Club Registrar email:
Thanks for volunteering your time for your kids and our club community!

Background/Fingerprint Check Process

The process is self-directed. Follow directions from website in step 1
1. Go to and register for an appointment.
2. Print the form (verify #7 VRN# filled in with T08003) and bring it to appointment
3. After your appointment forward the receipt to  for reimbursement.

New Coaches' Guide

Please read this comprehensive guide for new (and old) coaches.

(Published July 15, 2008)