Due to a field issue, the festival games have been moved to MEMORIAL PARK (580 Valley Street, Maplewood, NJ, 07040).






1. Number of Players
a) The "standard" number of players on the field per team is 4 field players and one
b) If BOTH coaches agree, teams may play with no goalie and four OR five field players
per team.

2. Offside
a) There is no offside

3. Restarts from ball out of bounds - Kick-In
a) Kick-ins are awarded to opponents of the player that last touched the ball before it
left the field of play at the point the ball left the field. - EXCEPTION - If ball leaves the
field from the goal line:
i. last touched by a defending player, the kick is taken from the corner of the
field closest to where the ball left the field and is considered a Corner Kick.
ii. last touched by an attacking player, the kick is taken from the top of the
penalty area circle and is considered a Goal Kick.
b) Opposing players must provide 5 yards for ALL kick-ins, Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks.
c) Player restarting with any kick-in, Goal Kick or Corner Kick, may not touch the ball
again until it is touched by another player.
a) First violation is re-kick
b) Second violation is opponent indirect free kick
d) Kick-ins are indirect free kicks
e) Either team may substitute field players or goalies on a restart. Team possessing ball
must wait until substitutions are completed before restarting

4. Restarts - After Goals and Beginning of Games
a) Indirect free kicks from the center of the field.
b) Kick may be backwards.
c) Opponents must start on their half of the field, 5 yards from ball.

5. Substitutions
a) In addition to substitutions of any player on a restart, field players may be substituted
while the ball is still in play, similar to hockey.

6. Handballs
a) Handballs result in indirect free kick from the spot of the foul except as noted in 6. c.
b) Opponent must provide 5 yards from ball.
c) Any free kicks awarded within 10 yards of goal to the attacking team can be placed no
closer than 10 yards from the goal.

7. Goalie with Ball in Hand May...
Delay putting ball in play until opponents
are at centerline.
Drop ball and play with their feet.
May throw ball in any manner.

Goalie with Ball in Hand May Not...
punt or drop kick ball
throw a ball beyond centerline without a bounce

8. "Build Out Line" Rules
a) When the goalie has the ball in hand or when there is a Goal Kick, the opposing team
must retreat to the centerline before the ball is put into play.
b) The goalie or player taking the goal kick MAY put the ball into play before a full retreat
of the other team however, all players may