What is MNJYSA?
The Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA) is a soccer league incorporated to provide competition for youth teams. The league is an organization of affiliated clubs. These clubs have voting power to elect league officers and amend the constitution and bylaws. MNJYSA is one of fifteen youth leagues in New Jersey. The majority of the Hillsborough Soccer Club teams are registered in this league.

Who schedules the games and when?
The league games are played in the Fall and the Spring. Before each season, MNJYSA arranges game schedules and flights for the upcoming season.

In the Spring season, the Full sided flight winners continue into playoff games with other flights at their level to produce a division champion. There are no playoffs in the Fall season. U8 games are typically scheduled on Saturdays. U9 and above typically play games on Sundays with makeup games being scheduled on Saturdays but it varies due to weather and field cancellations.

Visit the MNJYSA website

All players who are playing under the MNJYSA league are bound by their policies and rules as outlined here.