Uniforms and Spiritwear

Soccer Zone is our current uniform and spiritwear provider.

All customers must create an account in order to purchase club items, so, unfortunately, returning customers will also have to create a new account. The homepage is still under construction, but rest assured their online ordering platform is fully functional.

Please see a few brief notes/instructions below:

Link to The Site: SOCCER ZONE

The link above will send you directly to The HSC ordering page.

First, select your Team. Once your team has been selected, please select your Player Name from the preloaded roster in the second dropdown.

If there is no option to select a "Player Number", after choosing your Player Name, that signifies that your number has already been provided directly from HSC and automatically entered into the preloaded roster. If an additional Drop Down menu appears, please select an available number for that particular team. The number you select will automatically save into our system for future orders. If you feel that your number is incorrect, please email us before placing your order. Our team will respond as soon as possible.

After completing the steps above, select the "View Products" to open up your brand new club store page which includes all of the products associated with your team. Your player information will appear at the top of the page.

Checkout is a standard process. You will be prompted to create an account. Please signup to our newsletter to take advantage of futures sales and discounts! Please be patient as the site is still under construction and check out time may vary with each customer.