Injury/Accident Procedure
In the event of an injury, provide proper medical attention. Coaches, fill out the HSC Injury/Accident Report and return to President@hillsboroughsoccerclub.org immediately.
The board must be notified of any serious injuries within 24 hours of the incident.
Concussion Protocol

New Jersey Youth Soccer Concussion Procedure and Protocol

Please read below for details on this recommendation:

  1. Pages 1 and 2 are retained by the parent as education and information.
  2. Page 3 is signed by the appropriate individuals and retained by the team/club.
  3. Club advised to retain the form for record keeping and reference.
  4. Referee can advise the coach and recommend that a player is evaluated.
  5. The coach, who has completed concussion training, is the individual who initiates the protocol.